Tiger Retirement Club

Welcome to the Flying Tigers Club!

Flying tiger Line logoWe were previously known as the “Tiger Retirement Club”, but let’s face it, we are all “retired” from Flying Tigers! And we didn’t want anyone to think that you had to actually be retired to be a part of the club!

For those of us who were fortunate enough to spend any time at all at Flying Tigers, we can’t begin to explain to anyone the sense of family and camaraderie we had at Flying Tigers. It was so much more than a job; it was a place we went to every day and worked hard, played hard, and made lifetime friendships.

Although well over a quarter of a century has passed since we turned out the lights at Flying Tigers, that Tiger “can do” spirit still lives on in us and that light will never burn out.

We have a strong membership of close to 400 Tigers from across the globe! Check out our membership page for more information on becoming a member.

Upcoming Event: Sunday, October 21, 2018

Flying Tigers Club Annual Luncheon Social


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